Event Shows

Dealer Shows and Swap Meets


There are many sporting event shows that combine professional vendors with people that just want to sell their used equipment. Motorcycle shows and ski shows fall into this category. Motorcyclists generally have used parts for old bikes to sell. People who ski generally update their equipment every few years. This presents an opportunity for dealers to sell new equipment or parts to the sellers as well as store owners who will carry their inventory.

Dealer shows are business to business shows and not generally open to the public. Vendors are companies that distribute their goods to many smaller retail shops. The people who run these establishments are at the shows to see what type of inventory is new on the market. They will then decide what brands and items they will carry for the next year. It helps the manufacturers and the retailers to connect. Many manufacturers count on promo girls to attract retailers at the show. This is a common practice when doing business, especially in niche markets.

Swap meets are held for people who want to buy or sell used equipment. The ski industry comes up with new equipment every year, but not everyone can afford. A family with a limited budget generally prefers to start with used equipment. A person who is new to skiing might not want to make a large investment until they discover whether or not they really like to ski. Swap meets are a place for these people to buy the equipment they need at a much reduced cost.

One reason to include swap meets is to expand the number of potential customers for retails and manufacturers. It is a way to do promotional marketing without spending money. The potential customers buy used equipment and enjoy the experience of trying out a sport without a large cash investment. Manufacturers who are serious about gaining a large market share may prefer to use an experiential marketing agency. These agencies provide retailers buyers with an opportunity to fully experience the equipment they are considering purchasing. While expensive, it does help boost sales.